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10 Reasons to Dive in South Africa

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When it comes down to it…price does count! The cost of diving in South Africa is on average R350 per dive, which equates to $25! Just crazy…



We’re known for our great weather and lots of sunshine, a must to enjoy the ocean!

Incredible Shark Diving


There is nothing more exciting than getting up close and personal with these magnificent animals, both inside and outside a cage.  On our popular shark route tour you can easily see between eight and ten different species of sharks.

Diverse Marine Life


South Africa spans two oceans and has 2735km of coastline!

The warm Indian Ocean on the east coast is where you can find tropical reefs and warm water diving, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast creates the environment for temperate rocky reefs. This dramatic change in underwater climate results in exciting diving and diverse marine life.

Marine Animals in Abundance


South Africa is on a migration route and many marine animals have chosen either to make their homes on some of the islands, nest on some of the beaches or simply just pass through.  Species you’ll find here include African penguins, seals, migrating humpback whales, dolphins, orcas, nesting turtles and whale sharks.



Most operators launch from the beach through the surf on a rubber duck, making for an exciting start to the dive. Be prepared to get wet and hold on tight as the skipper negotiates the waves.It is perfectly normal for the skipper to drive the boat at full speed back onto the beach after the dive!

Barbeque’s & Good Wine


It won’t take you long to fall in love with the traditional outdoor cooking style (known as a “braai”), that has become so much part of the South Africa experience.  The quality of the meat is excellent the wines from South Africa are sought after worldwide!  If time allows, a visit to one of the wine farms in and around Cape Town are a must!

Wildlife Safaris


A trip to Africa would not be complete without a wildlife safari where you can come in contact with the African Bush and the game roaming freely in the natural surroundings.  There is a very good chance that you will get to see the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion).

Cultural Mix


Known by many as the “Rainbow Nation” due to the diverse origins, cultures, languages (11 officially) and religions of the people who live here. Throw a few divers into the pot and you have a real cultural mix!

Natural Beauty & Wide Open Spaces


South Africa has breathtaking scenery and something to cater to everyone’s interests.  From mountains and wine lands in the Cape, to forests and lakes along the Garden Route, to open arid areas of the Karoo and the tropical wetlands of Kwazulu Natal.

Warning…once you have experienced South Africa, the chances are you will come back for more!


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