Dive the recently discovered Submarine in Djibouti

The Evangelista Submarine Wreck

Check out this amazing footage of the The Evangelista Torricelli submarine from WWll that was found on the10th of  May 2022 after its sinking 82 years ago. In the depths of the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, the submarine wreck now stands upright in the ocean, resembling a reef as it is surrounded by schools of fish and coral.


The amazing wreck of the Evangelista Torricelli Submarine

The Evangelista submarine was built in the 1930’s and was used by the Royal Italian Navy. Captain Salvatore Pelosi commanded the submarine with 55 crew members. Together they served part as the heroic resistance against the British Navy.

During 1940, after a battle with British forces, Captain Pelosi made the decision to sink his submarine to prevent it being taken over by the British Navy. Due to this, 3 Italian marines lost their lives and a seriously injured captain and the remaining crew were taken captive and eventually sent off to Northern India. 

The Wreck can now be explored as part of the tour aboard the luxury dive safari boat, the M/Y Lucy.