Red Sea: Exotic & Refreshing: Exploring Egypt’s Delightful Fresh Fruit Juices


Onboard the liveaboard, you will get to experience the delightful fresh fruit juices that are an integral part of the local Egyptian culinary experience.  

You will often be welcomed back on board after an amazing dive with a glass of fresh fruit juice; handed a freshly squeezed juice to accompany your breakfast or you will get to experience a unique concoction of mixed fruits together with your afternoon snack.  From sweet oranges and mangos, to tangy lemon and pomegranates,  guava’s & apples…the fruit juice blends are endless.  The abundance of fresh fruit provides a burst of flavors and makes for a unique part of the liveaboard experience.  


Fruit stalls and juice bars are a common sight along the bustling streets, where vendors expertly extract juice from various fruits right before your eyes, using simple yet efficient manual juicers. One of the signature combinations known as “Asab” (arab for sugar) combines sugarcane juice with fruity flavours such as mango or lemon. Another favourite is “Tamr Hindi,” which combines tamarind juice with a hint of sugar and spices, delivering a delightful sweet and sour taste.


Fresh & fabulous and a delicious way to recharge after your dives!