Essential Egyptian Phrases for Tourists

Why learn egyptian arabic?

Visiting Egypt is an exciting adventure filled with rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landmarks. To enhance your experience and connect with the local people, learning a few basic Egyptian Arabic phrases can go a long way. From greetings to expressions of gratitude, these phrases can help you navigate your way through this beautiful country and create memorable interactions with locals.


Here are a few common phrases:


Please Men fadlak
Thank you Shokran
Thank you very much Shokran gazeelan / Motshakera gedan
Yes, please Aywaa men fadlak
No, thank you Laa shokran
Okay Taman / Meya Meya / Mashi (agreeing)
Good morning Sabah el kheer
Good night Massa el kheer
Hello Ahlan
Goodbye Ma-asalama
Let’s dive Yalla neghtas
Let’s go Yalla beena
How much is this Bekaam
This Dee
You are welcome Afwan
The food is good Elakl laziz gedan