Lembeh Straits – Muck Diving Capital of the World

Home to Bizarre and Fascinating Marine Life….Photographers Paradise!

What is Muck Diving?

Muck Diving refers to dive sites that consist of a grey silty, muddy bottom and there is often a combination of dead coral, vegetation & man-made rubbish. These sites are usually found close to fresh water and volcanic formations and the visibility is often poor.

Adapt or Die

Due to this brackish, un-favourable environment marine animals have adapted to live in these conditions finding shelter in amongst rubbish and rotting vegetation. As a result the most extraordinary & unusual animals have evolved.

What’s the Point?

Sounds crazy…who wants to immerse themselves into this gloomy, mucky environment versus diving rich coral gardens with unlimited visibility?

It is here that you will be in awe of the most bizarre, crazy, weird and colourful looking creatures such as the Hairy Frog Fish, Blue Ringed Octopus, Mimic Octopus etc. One can also get to see a range of fascinating macro life such as numerous nudibranchs, sea horses, cuttlefish, crabs etc. Definitely worth it…

Photographers Paradise

Lembeh is macro photography heaven as there is a wide variety of critters, weird looking fish & lots of nudibranchs to photograph. Dive sites range from 4-25m and diving groups are small, so you can move along at your own pace giving you all the time in the world to line up those perfect shots!