• Includes & Excludes
  • Sakatia Lodge
  • Diving Highlights
  • Land Based Highlights
  • Destination Information
  • Direct return flights from Johannesburg to Nosy Be on Airlink. Taxes based on current rates, might be a small additional charge on final invoicing. 
  • 7 Nights’ accommodation at Sakatia Lodge
  • Breakfast & Dinner Daily in Madagascar
  • Boat transfer to resort
  • 8 Dives (2 Tank Dives)
  • Tank & Weights
  • Land Excursion to Tanikely, which is famed for its excellent snorkelling. This small and charming volcanic island has a protected marine area with schools of colourful fish and hawksbill turtles. More wildlife sightings are possible on land; as you walk up to the lighthouse you can often see the resident lemurs and the flying foxes living in the treetops.
  • Travel and Diving Insurance (Approx. R540)
  • Any meals or drinks not specified
  • Additional Sightseeing not specified
  • Gratuities
  • Visa on arrival (€35)
  • Hire of dive equipment other than tanks & weights
  • Upgrade to 10 Dives:                                                                    R1250
  • Full Gear hire per dive                                                                  R285
  • Night Dive (white torch):                                                              R1220
  • Fluorescent Night Dive (blue torch & mask filter)                   R1580
  • Nitrox Fill 10 L / 12 L                                                                    R270
  • Ravinala Bungalow:                                                                     R2660 pps (2 PAX)
  • Madiro Bungalow:                                                                       R300 pps (4 PAX)
  • Villa Ranomasy:                                                                           R1220 pps (6 PAX)
Please note the following:
  • Prices are subject to change in the event of price increases, airfares, exchange rate fluctuations and availability.
  • The exact price can only be confirmed at the time of final invoicing and final payment due date. If you would like to secure your price to avoid any fluctuations we will provide you with a final invoice  (calculated at the exchange rate at time) and payment will need to me made in FULL within 24 hours of receipt of the invoice.
  • The tour package has been quoted on a sharing basis and an additional single supplement fee will be charged for singles

Sakatia Lodge is located on Nosy Sakatia, a small island west of Nosy Be, Madagascar. A beautiful retreat away from more touristic areas, the lodge offers tranquility of the beautiful beaches, friendly wild lemurs, chameleons and a sense of true detachment. Several cozy bungalows are hidden in the hand-crafted gardens and delicious meals will surprise most demanding palates. Snorkeling and scuba diving is unforgettable. June to September is the humpback whale season, while September to November you can spot and snorkel with whale sharks. Nosy Sakatia has a turtle protected zone right in front of the lodge.


Situated in the beautiful garden and right next to the mango tree that the lemurs like, you will be sure to get close to nature. These comfortable bungalows have a small private veranda and are available as either a double or twin – perfect for couples or friends


These larger bungalows offer fantastic views over the property from the private veranda. The bedroom can be set up as a twin or a double. The larger room means it is also possible to add a bed for a child up to 12 years of age, making these bungalows perfect for small families.



This bungalow is situated in a private corner of the beach next to the Sacred Mountain. It has direct access to the beach, a private veranda, private sunbeds. It is perfect for families, with two rooms – one with a queen-size bed and one with two single beds and the option of a child bed.


Situated right on the beach, this is the perfect escape. Relax in the shade of the large private veranda or on one of the private sunbeds with the ocean just 25 m away. This 3 Bedroom villa has electricity 24 hours a day for lights, fans and fridge and all the bedrooms have air conditioning from 8pm to midnight.


Diving Highlights and Bucket List Dive Sites:

Mitsio Wreck

This vessel, a former trawler turned into a 18 meters shrimp boat, was sunk by divers in 2006 to create a new artificial reef. Many operators have added this dive spot to their dive program because is located only 15 minutes away by boat. Resting right on a depth of 28 meters, this wreck gradually becomes a sanctuary for life. There are morays, rays, barracudas, grouper, scorpion fish, bat fish, trunk fish, puffer fish, flying scorpion fish, frog fish, nudibranchs and other crocodile fish.

Greg Wall

This dive site is very famous for its breathtaking wall. We start on a plateau at 13 meters deep until arriving at the edge of a steep falling down to 80 meters. At 35 meters on the wall covered with gorgonians you will finds the entrance of a submarine cave 15 meters long. If you want to explore it, a dive torch is essential because inside the darkness reigns.

Gorgonian Forest

This dive site is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Madagascar. This spot also called “the enchanted forest” is situated 5 minutes away from Nosy Be on a rocky plateau. Between 10 and 20 meters, an aquatic forest composed of magnificent and imposing gorgones, black coral, sponges offers a striking landscape. Numerous turtles, some of them enormous, surround the area, so it is not uncommon to meet one or more during your underwater tour. Underwater photographers will love to encounter seahorses, crocodile fishes and small spotted rays.

  • Seahorses and pipe fish
  • Reef sharks, guitar sharks and different types of rays
  • Nudibranchs, flatworms and sea slugs
  • Peacock and spearing mantis shrimp
  • Schooling snappers and barracuda
  • Crocodile fish and turtles
  • Sea moths
  • Unusual creatures on night dives and fluoro dives

Whale sharks, humpback whales and dolphins on surface intervals and underwater



Sakatia diver with wreck






Walking Tours

A walk around the island gives you a real feel for local life and the
untouched beauty of Nosy Sakatia. As an island without roads, exploring on foot is an ideal way to visit the viewpoints and beaches. Join a local guide to explore, knowing that you’re supporting the local community too. You can take a short walk to explore village life or a long walk to see the spectacular views.

Pirogue Trips

You can also explore the island by boat. Grab some complimentary
snorkeling equipment and see the island from the sea – both above and below the water. You can travel in a traditional wooden pirogue or a larger, modern boat, but whichever you choose, it’s a fantastic way to see Nosy Sakatia.


The massage center Zebu Zen is tucked away in a quiet corner of the lodge offering you a serene experience. Experienced masseurs are local to the island, so you’re helping support the community.

Lokobe Nature Reserve

Situated on Nosy Be, this national park has three different circuits to explore, taking an average of 1.5hrs to 3 hrs to complete. The park is an area of prime forest and is home to 376 species of animals, including 11 species of lemurs. It’s a great place to see some of the
amazing wildlife of Madagascar.





French, Malagasy and English.

GMT +1. Madagascar is 1 hour ahead of South Africa

Hot and subtropical climate, colder in the mountains.
Rainy season: November to March.
Dry Season: April to October.
The south and west regions are hot and dry. Monsoons bring storms and
cyclones to the east and north from December to March. The mountains, including Antananarivo, are warm and thundery from November to April and dry, cool and windy the rest of the year.


Temperature of the water ranges from 25°C from July through August and 30°C from November to May.


220-240 volts, 50Hz (same as SA). Plugs are: European 2-pin: The plug is ungrounded and has two round 4 mm pins. (Same as cell phone chargers.)

REstaurant and bar

Breakfasts and dinners are served in the restaurant areas. A rich fulfilling breakfast to start your day suitable for all habits. Fresh fruit juices, cereals, morning cakes, eggs cooked to your liking, homemade yogurt and other delights. For dinner the kitchen thrives to spoil guests with three course menus. A different meal every evening taking into account all dietary and allergy requirements. You will be surprised with state of art dishes and high-class desserts. It is recommended to book half-board meal plan in advance. During lunch time an extensive snack menu is available at the bar. If you wish to try local cuisine, we can help you to organize a dinner in one of the village houses on the beach, where local ladies will cook for you Malagasy delights. A fully licensed bar is open all day. A variety of cocktails, wine, beer and strong spirits is served. Corkage fee applies if you bring your own drinks. There is an ice machine at the bar, but it is not possible to supply ice to the rooms.


Malaria risk exists all year throughout the country and is highest in coastal areas. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for advice on which prophylaxis will be suitable. Remember that certain prophylaxis cannot be taken when scuba diving.
Yellow fever vaccinations are not compulsory for SA citizens.


Good cellphone reception on Sakatia. Free wi-fi to Sakatia clients (generally good signal). Internet roaming available (most of the time).


1 South African Rand = approximately 237 Madagascar Ariary. The local currency is Madagascar Ariary. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the hotel. Please note that due to bank charges there is a
3.5% card fee. Alternatively clients can pay the hotel in Euro. ATMs are available in town, and there are places to do money exchanges (Only Euro or Dollar to local currency – notes dated from 2013). Please note that you will not be able to this this on a Sunday as everything will be closed. Traveler’s cheques are not recommended. Ensure that you have some local currency for your planned excursions.


According to Madagascar’s national aviation authority, drones are banned in Madagascar for personal use.

  • Certification must be presented as well as a log book and dive insurance
  • Safety: Chamber at the hospital, Centro Sanitario Santa Maria della Grazia.
  • Please be sure that your dive insurance is comprehensive & up to date before departing on your diving trip.
  • Always follow safe diving practices at all times.
  • Alcohol Consumption: If alcohol is consumed in between dives by an individual then they will be required to refrain from diving for the remainder of the day
  • Flying After Diving: A minimum surface interval of 18 hours must be allowed prior to flying or going to altitude