• Includes & Excludes
  • Butiama Marine Camp
  • Diving Highlights
  • Destination Information
  • Return flights ex. JHB
  • Return airport transfers
  • 7 Nights’ accommodation at Butiama Marine Camp with en-suite bathroom & private veranda
  • Breakfast & Dinner Daily
  • 8 Dives 
  • Hire of Tanks & Weights
  • Whale Shark Snorkeling (½ Day) (includes transport & water)
  • Chole Island Tour (2-3 hours includes transport & water)


  • Airport Taxes approx. R7,700.00
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Travel and Dive Insurance
  • Meals not Specified
  • Drinks
  • Bed Levy 
  • Marine Park Fee

Situated just a short distance from the Diving Centre, our upgraded bungalows feature modern amenities. These include private bathrooms with hot water, outdoor seating, air conditioning, and twin beds that can be converted into a double, all equipped with mosquito nets. Linens and towels are included for your convenience.

DIVING Highlights:


This is said to be one of the best experiences that Mafia Island has to offer. The whale sharks can be found on the western side of the island, close to the main town of Kilidoni. They inhabit Mafia waters throughout the year, but when conditions are optimal, they surface-feed in shallow waters and are easy to spot. 


This dive is great for people who love “muck” diving and exploring the sandy bottom looking for wolf eels, pipe fish, juvenile scorpion and lion fish, sea horse, gypsy sea moths and sea hare.


One of the most famous dive sites in Mafia Island that runs through the centre of Chole Bay. Whilst gliding past the various rock formations and scenery, keep your eyes open for the resident giant groupers, pompano, potato groupers, barracuda and the occasional eagle ray. 

chole reef

An extensive and diverse reef showcases various coral types and rock formations. Explore beneath the ledges to discover rays and leaf fish. Delve into the cracks to encounter shrimp, morays, nudibranchs, and flatworms. Above the reef, observe a multitude of groupers and schooling fish such as snapper, sweetlips, parrotfish, and trevally. 

coral garden

The dive starts around shallow coral bombies, looking for lionfish, morays, leaf fish, crocodile fish and scorpion fish. After crossing a large area of stag coral teeming with sweeper fish, you will often see peacock mantis shrimp hiding in the reef, along with marbled torpedo rays

milimani secret island

A large sloping island with a variety of corals. You can often see big schools of trevally, fusiliers and bat fish around the top, along with crocodile fish and scorpion fish on the reef. This is also a good place to see the Green Sea turtle as they are often sighted around this island. 

Tanzania has two official languages, English and Swahili. 


Time Zone
Time in Tanzania is given by a single time zone, officially denoted as East Africa Time (EAT) and is one hour ahead of South Africa.


Tanzania has a tropical climate with a rainy season between April and September. 


Water Temperature
Water temperatures stay between 26 to 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. 

Power Supply
In the City and in most tourist areas the South African standard 3 pin socket & UK Type G socket is commonly found and the current is 230V. It is advisable to to bring an adaptor. 


Staying In Contact
Wi-Fi connection is available in public areas of the resort. The main mobile network provider in Mafia Island is Vodacom. 


What Payment Method Is Accepted
The official currency of Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). US Dollars (USD) are also widely accepted. Money can be exchanged at banks. Visa cards can be used but are not accepted everywhere. 



  • Certification must be presented as well as a log book and dive insurance
  • Safety: The nearest Hyperbaric Chamber is located at the SSS Hyperbaric Chamber Network, Dar es Salaam,  for diving and medical emergencies. 
  • Please be sure that your dive insurance is comprehensive & up to date before departing on your diving trip.
  • Always follow safe diving practices at all times.
  • Alcohol Consumption: If alcohol is consumed in between dives by an individual then they will be required to refrain from diving for the remainder of the day
  • Flying After Diving: A minimum surface interval of 18 hours must be allowed prior to flying or going to altitude